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Brazil Miaki Yellow Bourbon

Brazil Miaki Yellow Bourbon


The Japanese family started working with farms in the estate of Parana . After the severe frost in the 70s they decided to buy a piece of land in the Cerrado of Minas Gerais, and a few years later they sold the farm in the south and decided to stay just in Cerrado. They started working as a coffee farm in Cerrado in 1980, being the very first in the region known as Chapada o de Ferro, a volcanic area in the city of Patrocí nio.  Years later, the young generation went to an agronomist university, and after that they decided to continue in the farm business, so they started to buy more farms in the region, and today they are one of the biggest farmers there. Special attention was given to nature already before the concepts of certification reached Brazil: “Nature is priority Number 1!” he puts it. In practice, preservation goes well beyond the rigid Brazilian environmental laws. Native trees and bushes are replanted. The natural, bush like vegetation of the Brazilian Cerrado is by this preserved while on the other hand side modern farming techniques are practiced. Coffee is harvested manually as well as by modern machines that are able to harvest only the ripe cherries. An own nursery helps to replant nearly 10% of the trees each year. The family owns ten farms in the region, of which all are producing coffee. One farm is UTZ certified as well and three are Rainforest Alliance certified.


Cup characteristics: Sweet, full body, light acidity, clean and chocolate notes. Very well balanced.

Owner: Familia Miaki

Region: Municipality Patrocí nio Cerrado - State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Growing altitude: 1.050 m – 1.250 m

Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Harvest period: July-September

Milling process: Natural, Pulped Natural, Washed and Semi Washed

Strength: medium roast