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Peru Cenfrocafe Organic Mountain Water Decaf

Peru Cenfrocafe Organic Mountain Water Decaf



Approximately 3,000 farming families are part of the Central Fronteriza del Norte de Cafetaleros (CENFROCAFE), a cooperative that offers members access to training, financing and agronomy advice aimed at increasing yields and quality-with the aim of increasing producers' earnings.
The cooperative also gives each member extraordinarily more power and market reach than each would have alone. And, its quality improvements have made it a top finalist in national and international quality competitions.
CENFROCAFE Board of Directors President Anselmo Huaman Moreto has been quoted as explaining: "A huge difference in our lives is that now our children can actually go to school, our coffee is being recognized in the market for the quality we produce, we are receiving a fair price for our efforts, and our members can be proud again to be farmers."
Producers de-pulp, wash and dry coffees at home, on raised beds in solar greenhouses-as well as, when space becomes scarce, in attics, in garage lofts and even on screens in the eves of their homes-and then deliver the coffee as parchment to the cooperative's mill. In cases where a coffee is delivered at more than 12 percent humidity, coffees are further dried on patios.

Using the purest water from the highest mountains in Peru, a method called Mountain Water Decaffeination Process, the coffee beans are immersed to extract caffeine. This method allows the green beans to maintain their flavor, as the water passes through a filter that removes the caffeine from the water, so that the water can be re-used with just the bean profiles it originated with. 


Cupping notes: Citrus, brioche; juicy, medium acidity


Region: Jaen, Cajamarca, San Ignacio
Growing Altitude: 1,000-1,900 meters
Arabica Variety: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra
Milling Process: Washed, dried on patios and raised beds