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Dominican Republic Barahona AA

Dominican Republic Barahona AA


This organic coffee originates from Barahona in the Dominican Republic located along the southwestern shores of the Caribbean. Some of the country’s finest coffees are grown In this unique coffee growing region, at elevations ranging from 600 to 1,100 meters.

The development of sustainable farming is of great importance. The commitment of  preserving the natural resources by practicing sustainable and organic farming including  reforestation and conservation of soil.  There is committment to improving life in the farming community by building schools,  providing periodical medical assistance, improving sanitation and water quality. 


Cup characteristics: a sweet, full body coffee with good aroma and low acidity with notes of chocolate, caramel and nuts.


Region: Barahona

Growing altitude: 600-1,100 masl

Variety: typica, caturra

Harvest period: August to February

Milling process: wet method

Strength: medium dark roast

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