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Our Story

Roasting and supplying artisan coffees

Steve is our master roaster. Having trained with the London School of Coffee, Steve has been roasting for around ten years now and is incredibly passionate about coffee and ensuring that he gets the best out of every bean.

Karen is our coffee snob! As well as sharing a passion for exceptional coffee, she is responsible for marketing, admin, finance etc. etc.

Our aim is to supply a wide range of affordable coffees, from all across the major coffee growing regions in the world.

All our coffees are purchased from reputable sources where the coffee farmers are rewarded with a fair price for their hard work. The overall majority of Flaming Beans green coffee is purchased from farms/estates that support environmental sustainability by promoting organic agricultural practices and honest wages for farmers through better than fair trade pricing.

The Fairtrade coffees will be imported directly from the growers, thereby ensuring that they receive a fair price for the coffee which equates to a living wage. Additionally shade grown coffees will also be offered, as they are grown in shaded forests which is ecologically beneficial and promotes both biodiversity and bird life.

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