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Colombia Supremo La Manuela - Manizales, Caldas

Colombia Supremo La Manuela - Manizales, Caldas


Manizales city is situated in western Colombia, surrounded by the Cordillera Central Mountains. The city is connected by rail with Buenaventura, one of the ports and by aerial tramways that traverse the mountains and transport coffee to a town on the Bogotá railroad. The area is rich in commodities such as coffee, cocoa, and gold, but is also well known for its other industries that include the manufacture of textiles and distilling of liquor. Manizales was founded in 1848, after a fire in 1925; at which point it was rebuilt into a modern city. The majority of the coffee is grown on the slopes of the central mountain range under the shade of thurny bamboo & banana trees, helping to give La Manuela a distinctive character. General Manager Fernando Gomez Chica has taken care of the day to day running of the estate for the past 20 years. From picking to processing he has implemented projects to improve productivity and quality of the coffee including improved cleaning & maintenance of machinery and lessons for pickers on how to select the ripest cherries.


Flavour: Medium roast, round body, bright acidity, chocolate and caramel with notes of fruit and nutty overtones.

Region: Manizales, Caldas

Growing altitude: 1,200-2,000 masl

Variety: Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, Variadad

Harvest period: September - December; March - June (Mitaca)