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El Salvador Red Bourbon Tapantugusto Farm Juayua

El Salvador Red Bourbon Tapantugusto Farm Juayua


Tapantugusto is a farm located in Juayua in the West Region in El

Salvador. Tapantugusto is at one of the fines growing areas for coffee in the country. The coffee is grown at an altitude range from 1,250 – 1,470 m.a.s.l


The farm name Tapantugusto means region full of clouds. The farm has maintained its Bourbon variety as they believe in the unique quality that Bourbon coffee brings.


The Bourbon coffee varietal is a gourmet Arabica coffee plant, and are descendants of those brought to the island of Reunion (formerly Bourbon), which is located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Africa.


Flavours – Chocolate & Orange

Aroma – Cocoa, with a hint of citrus

Body - Medium body

Acidity – Soft acidity

Roast – Medium

Process – Washed


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